Scent classification
Fragrance ingredients
Patchouli | Woody Notes | Star Anise | Sandalwood | Amber | Hawthorn | Powdery Notes | Aldehyde
Sensual and feminine, Patchouli Blanc transports the very first Réminiscence perfume into an original and innovative olfactory territory. This fragrance, composed around white, the colour of absolute purity, is an elegant and modern perfume, leaving a warm, sensual and infinitely feminine trail on the skin.
Fragrances of the world classification
Woody Amber Classical
Price range
Fragrances with similar ingredients

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The perfumer


The spirit of Grasse runs in Fabrice's blood. His father was a perfumer; his grandmother a jasmine picker and his grandfather a supplier of naturals for perfumery. For him, memories of Grasse are woven with images of olive and cypress trees, wide open spaces, the sun, chirping cicadas, smiling friends and a steady pace of life, as well as time spent with the older generations

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