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Paradoxe captures the essence of the undefinable and ever-evolving Prada woman, who is never the same, but always herself. Showcasing a timeless white flower bouquet reinvented into an avant-garde signature, the fragrance embraces all paradoxical dimensions of scent and self.
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Floral Amber Crisp White Flower
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The perfumers


Antoine was constantly surrounded by fragrance ingredients from an early age. His artistic approach to creation is inspired by the time he spent in the Cote d’Azur consumed by the sunny and aromatic scents of the South.

Nadège focuses on the emotional aspect and the ability of perfume to reveal its own universe of dreams. Her inspired pairings and her original approach to perfumery have won Nadège the prestigious Prix International du Jeune Parfumeur- Créateur early in her career.

Her approach is poetic and inventive, dramatic and romantic. Her compositions blend comfort with the exotic sensuality of notes like frangipani and jasmine, flowers from her Malaysian childhood.

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