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Lemon | Green Tea | Jojoba oil | Acidic Notes | Avocado | Salty | Seaweed / Algae | Olive Oil | Marula Fruit | Almond | Butter | Chamomile | Coffee | Ginger | Ginseng | Jasmine | Lotus | Magnolia | Powdery Notes | Rose | Rose Hip | Smoke | Flour (cake)
"I'm nomadic by nature and for Teaology I was inspired by my trip to Japan and by the smell of matcha that I breathed everywhere in the air. I made this green note fresh and sunny with the citrus accords of Mediterranean lemons,” Amandine Clerc-Marie, Perfumer.
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Citrus Crisp
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The perfumer


Amandine loves the process of creating a fragrance, the action and then the manufacturing. She loves looking for an idea, sketching a preparatory outline and then seeing the whole thing come together. She is a very visual person and can always picture what she wants to produce. What makes her tick? Movement, colors and shapes.

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