Scent classification
Fragrance ingredients
Incense / Olibanum | Benzoin (Siam) | Patchouli | Amber | Rice | Vanilla | Frangipani
It's a journey of love, tinged with a new light. The golden light of Asia. Sculpting contours, carving soft shadows, inside templates and pagodas, in Burma, Thailand, Cambodia ...On the sacred walls, on the faces of the statues, over time, overlays of gold leaves, precious, burnished by time. The gold of the East has inspired KENZOAMOUR Le Parfum!
Fragrances of the world classification
Woody Amber Crisp Citrus
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The perfumer


Daphne errs on the rational side of excess and has no desire to change her ways. She is curious about the world around her, with a constant appetite to learn. She wants to experience everything. Her creations benefit from this approach and her perfumery reflects her perfectly: spontaneous, audacious and free.

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