Serge Lutens | Collection Noire

Scent classification
Fragrance ingredients
Amber | Ciste Labdanum | Tolu Balsam | Styrax | Balsam (Peru) | Vanilla | Benzoin (Siam) | Jasmine | Musk | Patchouli | Sandalwood | Angelica | Bay | Coriander | Myrtle | Oregano | Laurel
Sumptuous, comfortable, singular. A perfume outside of time, it explores a different road and fresh ideas in the domain of perfumery. Ambre Sultan is a masculine perfume but not for men. It is a perfume for grand dukes, kings, sultans. Ambre Sultan is blue blood. "I have learnt about perfume in Morocco, where I lived a good part of the year. Many years ago I found a piece of amber. Its perfume, invading sensual, profound, seduced me utterly," Serge Lutens.
Fragrances of the world classification
Soft Amber Rich
Price range
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