Scent classification
Fragrance ingredients
Cardamom | Musk | Pimento Leaves | Freesia | Gardenia | Kiwi | Lotus | Mango | Narcissus | Peony | Tuberose | Watermelon | Sampaguita flower | Clementine | Prunella (Plum) | Vanilla | Woody Notes
A sheer, luscious floral infused with exotic fruits and rare woods. Its bright, effervescent top notes sparkle. The scent of femininity is a bouquet of vibrant florals, followed by the richness of vanilla.
Fragrances of the world classification
Floral Fresh Fruity
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The perfumer


Ilias attributes his positive nature to his Mediterranean origins. He loves to spend time in Greece each summer to see his family and friends. His passion for his craft is complemented by his love of family and fatherhood- the most important pillars of his life. He thinks of them as being embedded in his sense of self and in his outlook on the world.

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