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La Nuit Trésor Diamant Blanc is undeniably the brightest, most radiant and poetic perfume in the entire collection. It evokes a carnal embrace in the early morning, while passionate love is suddenly illuminated by the whiteness of dawn. The White Diamond Treasure Night evokes an absolute love between two beings who simultaneously attract each other like two magnets.
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Floral Amber Crisp Citrus Fruity
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Amandine loves the process of creating a fragrance, the action and then the manufacturing. She loves looking for an idea, sketching a preparatory outline and then seeing the whole thing come together. She is a very visual person and can always picture what she wants to produce. What makes her tick? Movement, colors and shapes.

Christophe Raynaud’s fragrances stand out for their presence and radiance. They’re elegant, yet bold enough to make a statement. Perfumery is his universe, and fragrance is his addiction. He immerses himself in the process of creation, pouring his passion into every accord and every note.

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