Gritti | Gritti : Privé

Scent classification
Fragrance ingredients
Iris / Orris | Saffron | Star Anise | Jasmine | White Flowers | Bitter Orange | Peach | Cherry (black) | Almond | Brown Sugar | Clove | Patchouli
A shadow: something is there. Her power precedes her. She determines fate as she walks along the spice road. As she passes, there's a magic in the air, as warm as the hues of fruit and aromas that announce her coming. Her cloak weaves gold and velvets, and she has a stride that is delicate yet steadfast and resolute. Sweet the memory that catches on, making an impact that won't be forgotten in a flash. Amused, she turns to look at the effect it has. Aristocratic weakness.
Fragrances of the world classification
Floral Amber Crisp Gourmand
Luca Gritti
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Fragrances with similar ingredients

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