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In Greek mythology, the Heliades were the daughters of Helios and Clymene. After the tragic death of her brother, Phaethon, the Heliades grieved for four months yet were still blamed for playing a role in their brother's death. As a result, the gods turn them into poplar trees and their tears to amber. The tears which fell into the river Eridanos in the form of amber pearls to were then found and used to adorn Roman brides. This amber, born out of the sadness yet when used to create beauty in times of joy and celebration, is exactly what inspired the creation of Amber Oud.
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Her perfumes, inspired by all types of experimentations, weave whole tapestries of images and sensations. She often looks to art to find inspiration, whether it is Rembrandt’s way of using colours or the Italian Renaissance masters’ juxtaposition of light and shadow or Banksy who uses his craft to convey compelling messages.

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