White flower, vanilla, balsamic.

A delicate, airy fragrance unveils itself with captivating nuances of sweet vanilla and warm, balsamic undertones. A suave scent that blends seamlessly in feminine fragrances and floral bouquets.

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Despite their widespread popularity in perfumery, the elegant orchid flower is quite unlikely to naturally emit scent. There is, of course, a handful of rare exceptions—one of which being the Phalaenopsis corningiana species. Native to the island of Borneo, this tropical flower is known for its smooth, slightly sweet scent. To capture this, perfumers use the headspace technique—preserving and enhancing the flower’s delicate fragrance. It is also common to find the orchid note reproduced synthetically using natural essences.


Orchid derives from “Orchis,” which quite literally translates to “testicles” in Greek. According to the fables of ancient mythology, Orchis was the son of a nymph and satyr. The saga recounts a celebration of Dionysus—the God of wine and all things entertainment—during which Orchis over-indulged in the delights of intoxication before forcing himself on a priestess. As punishment, the Gods set wild beasts upon him before transforming him into the arguably fragile orchid flower.

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