Floral Notes

All the notes evoking flowers: rose, white, spicy, transparent and powdery flowers.

Deeply fragrant and endlessly feminine, floral notes are the most popular and extensive of all fragrance families. Their ubiquitous presence in perfumery means that the notes themselves are varied and can differ greatly from one another. The main floral categories include rose, white, spicy, transparent and powdery.

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The history of using floral notes to create tantalizing fragrances is as old as perfumery itself. In ancient Egypt, lotus flowers were thought to symbolize rebirth and regeneration, and were often extracted as essential oils and indulgently dabbed on the skin to arouse the senses. In ancient Greece and Rome, fragrance was associated with the gods and considered—quite literally—to be divine. Many fragrances were named after goddesses and were used ritualistically during celebrations of marriage, to commemorate death, or diluted in bathwater for esteemed guests.

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