Arum Lily

White flower, spicy, jasmine, solar.

Smooth and delicately spicy, lily adds a solar-like warmth to feminine fragrances. Engaging, intoxicating, heady and rich—lily is reminiscent of jasmine or tuberose in all its sensual warmth. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

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The beautiful and bulbus lily plants are native to temperate climates in the norther hemisphere, mainly found in Europe, but also across Asia, from India to Japan and the Philippines. They also grow in the United States and southern Canada. The graceful lily flower has a long trademark pistil in the center that produces the fragrance. Although they are commonly white, they can appear in a number of other colors. The headspace technique preserves the flower's delicate fragrance and perfumers may also reproduce the flower's fragrance using other natural essences.


The lily flower is actually a type of iris (lis in Dutch), in yellow or gold, and was the symbol of the royal family of France and recognized on the French Kingdom's white flag. The prairie lily—Lilium philadelphicum L. var. andinum—is the floral symbol of Saskatchewan province and, until 1999, was the floral symbol of Quebec, still adorning its flag to this day. The Bosnian lily—Lilium bosniacum—is the symbol of Bosnian people, and was on the Bosnia-Herzegovina flag from 1992 to 1998. The lily is a symbol of the Virgin Mary and purity.

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