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Jasmine | Oakmoss | Orange | Patchouli | Cumin | Cyclamen | Orange Blossom | Sea Water | Leather | Lily | Mate | Narcissus | Plum | Vetiver | Ylang-ylang | Jasmine (Sambac)
Rodrigo Flores-Roux has a romantic and very personal affair with Le Galion's Jasmin (originally created in 1937 by Paul Vacher). He honours Jasmin with a passion in this unique re-orchestration. A dramatic change to the white flower, animal, full of nectar. An exuberant naturalism, wild yet with a hint of intellectualism. In this version, jasmine and patchouli, the two opposite queens of perfumery, dance together and Rodrigo admits it: he is very proud of it.  
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Mossy Woods Crisp White Flower
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