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Exhilarating. Delicate. Acqua di Gioia's signature jasmine heart pulses with fresh, new energy. Its greenest facets are celebrated in a new and vital essence of joy. Green is the colour of nature, endlessly nuanced from verdant forests to cool waters, from tender greens, luminous after a summer rain, to the intense, fathomless greens of a restless sea, each vibrating with life.
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Floral Fresh White Flower
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Permanent introspection, the raw laying bare that enables you to master the art of composition, to come face to face with the formula by eliminating the external parameters.

Perfume makes people desirable, it’s a fabulous power. My undertaking is to try to create emotion in my fellow men and women, letting them feel more present in the world or step back from it, contributing to building bonds of community, religion or love, generating self confidence, bringing people together and inviting them to take an interest in each other, even just to see what others smell like.

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