We all know that smell is one of the senses that most stimulates memory.
When we perceive the scent of childhood or youth, memories of those times are automatically awakened.
And we are not only talking about perfumes, but also about everyday aromas that can range from food to more complex odors of familiar objects, such as cleaning products, rain, wet soil or even the smell of a car or a new handbag.

Our brains work in very sophisticated ways. However, we can consciously play by the same rules and plan an olfactory memory.

In the same way that you look for a new suit for your first day at work, a new swimming costume for the summer, or that special outfit for your birthday, or a special dinner, you can choose a fragrance to be part of that particular moment in your life.

The process is simpler than it sounds. Here are a few tips that can give you an idea of how to choose a fragrance for a special occasion, so that, despite the years, it continues to bring back those memories.
Keep in mind that the perfume you choose has to be harmonious, with you and the situation.
Consider the occasion you want the fragrance for
Whether it's for winter or summer, whether it's for a single day (a dinner, a work date, a special event) or for a season (your wedding trip, a holiday, Christmas with the family in a special place).
Decide how you would like to smell
If you want a more intense fragrance, a softer, sexy, warm one. Then think about how you want others to perceive you: sometimes a bad choice of perfume has the opposite effect.
Be bold and try
Visit perfume shops, try different fragrances and get advice. By sharing your idea with an expert, you will get to know more perfumes and get a second opinion on the fragrances you try.
Keep in mind that the perfume you choose has to be harmonious, with you and the situation.
Don't choose very intense fragrances if you plan to wear them during the day or in warm weather, and don't choose fresh waters or very light colognes in winter or at night, because they will go unnoticed. For a romantic date or anniversary, look for a more complex, unique fragrance, it will make your celebration even more special. For your holidays, opt for more friendly, cheerful scents, light floral, green or discreetly spicy scents to accompany you, dress you up and, over time, bring you back to that place where you had such a good time.