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Layering: a way to make your fragrance three-dimensional

Perfume, like a fabric, can sit on your skin to dress it up. Carolina Herrera defines perfume as "The invisible accessory" and she’s a wise woman, a fragrance complements any look and accentuates our mood perfectly.

And just as we can dress lighter in summer, as temperatures drop or when the outfit calls for it, we can layer up. The same goes for fragrances.

If you want to make your perfume a multi-faceted gem, layering is for you. This trend stems from the West's passion for the Middle East and its perfumery, where both men and women have been mixing fragrances for a long time.

Within the concept of layering there are two variations: One, you can enhance a single fragrance, or two, you can mix several scents to create an original perfume that is uniquely yours.

For the first option, the secret is to use the body lotion and soap of your favourite fragrance. When you shower, use the body wash and then the lotion, and finish with the fragrance in the version you like best, whether it is Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum or Parfum. This way, you layer the same fragrance on your skin, giving it more dimensions and facets. The scent does not necessarily become more intense, but more nuanced and longer lasting.

The second option is becoming a favourite for those who want to have a unique perfume, one that no one else has. In these times of globalisation, when fashion and sometimes perfumery make us dress in uniforms, this is the best option to feel unique and to make our fragrance show our personality. For some time now, some brands have been promoting the blending of fragrances to achieve unique scents. It could be said that fragrance layering has no rules and this is partly true, because the possibilities are endless and the rules are set by you. However, it is important that you take into account the following aspects, so that your layering is perfect:

1- Consider the intensity of the fragrances to be combined: if you mix a light fragrance with a stronger one - an eau de Cologne with a parfum for example - think that the powerful one will dominate the softer one and could even cancel it out.

2- Try, test and approve. Do your blends at the perfume store, ask the consultants to suggest options according to the effect you want to achieve. For example, mixing floral perfumes with more citrusy ones usually gives very good results.

3- Adventure: play with fresh and oriental perfumes or with scents that you never thought had anything to do with each other; you can make amazing discoveries.

If you are looking for individuality and standing out from the rest, layering is definitely your thing.

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Carolina Herrera | Herrera Confidential


Carolina Herrera | Herrera Confidential


Carolina Herrera | Herrera Confidential