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Scent classification
Fragrance ingredients
Patchouli (Indonesia) | Kaffir Lime (Combava) | Cedar leaf | Bergamot | Guaiac Wood | Coconut | Fig | Milk | Orange | Cardamom | Geranium | Juniper Berries | Clary Sage
This scent is a composition based on patchouli. This is not however an earthy, dark patchouli that would appear as base notes, but instead a luminous, fresh, energetic fragrance, as if there were a wellspring of patchouli in which you could take a refreshing dip.
Fragrances of the world classification
Woods Fresh Citrus Fruity
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The perfumer


Dora Baghriche's grandmothers were pastry chefs and she devlopped a passionate relationship with food thanks to their influence. Her first fragrance memories during her childhood are full of the scents of pine nut cream, cinnamon treats and almonds.

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