Scent classification
Fragrance ingredients
Geranium | Bergamot | Vetiver | Lavender | Clary Sage | Costus | Moss | Orange Blossom | Amber | Oak | Tonka Bean | Vanilla | Dihydromyrcenol (Citrus Clean)
As with music, a great perfume is more than the sum of its notes. However, in contrast to musical melody, the quality of perfume notes is essential for a memorable experience. Notes de Robert Piguet is a tribute to some of the most exquisite materials in the perfumer's palette, a fragrance of exceptional harmony and beauty.
Fragrances of the world classification
Aromatic Fougère Classical
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Fragrances with similar ingredients

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My inspiration can be a simple gesture, a way of being, of saying something, of moving, captured in the moment by observing men and women going about their lives

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